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Alan Rickman...that fucking sucks.
Thu Jan 14, 2016, 9:04 AM
I never wanted to do this job in the first place! I... I wanted to be... A LUMBERJACK!
Wed Jan 13, 2016, 4:54 PM
I'm not scared of Hell. It's just Heaven for bad people. - The Doctor.
Thu Dec 3, 2015, 9:08 AM
There are those in this world who like being left alone. But there isn't a single person in this world who can bear being alone - Makarov
Thu Oct 22, 2015, 10:37 AM
So this widget is back
Tue Aug 25, 2015, 12:11 PM




P3 stamp by Leukomenes Stamp: Persona 4 - Silhouettes by YukiMizuno Got Sonic Stamp by Carthoris




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Did you know Asumi has a Twitter and Tumblr? 

No deviants said Helena does too: askhelenavampire
No deviants said Here's mine: glompme
No deviants said Asumi tumblr: asumicosplaycafe (still not 100% ready)
No deviants said Asumi's Twitter: asumi_juichi

Organizing my OCs

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 7:47 AM
**EDIT Okay I think I'm done for now....maybe. I'll let you know if I finish making updates. Feel free to ask me questions about them.
You can ignore this journal if you like, if not then feel free to see my online organization of OCs...which may or may not be updated later...and repeatedly.
:bulletgreen: Main Character
:bulletblue: Side Character
:bulletblack::bulletgreen: The Main Character the below character(s) is/are involved with most
:bulletred: Villain/bad guy type
:bulletpink: Blood Relative Characters

Unusual Friends
Main Girls
:bulletgreen: Helena VanHelsing (Vampire, former Human)
-born in 1650
-over 350 years old
-has magic powers
-physical age 19 (Age of Death)
-turned by :bulletred:Cassandra
-cloned and evil :bulletred:Helena created
-was tricked by :bulletred:Dracula to kill her own family
-College Professor of History, laughs to herself when she spots errors.
-Used to be a vampire hunter assistant
-Used to be a police officer
-Used to be a nurse
-Invented synthetic Sunscreen for Vampires and accidentally for Humans in 1915
-She allowed a Human to take credit for it years later.
-went crazy a couple of centuries ago due to too much vampire blood
-Developed two internal personalities Logic and Hope in order to regain some semblance of sanity.
-Logic takes a look at reality for what it is, seems aware of what is real even when :bulletgreen:Helena is not.
-Hope is :bulletgreen:Helena's subconscious trying to make her more likeable and accepted.
-Has a nsfw tumblr askhelenavampire
-Is amazed the Computer hasn't exploded yet.
Helena the Vampire v2 by ninjew42
-Work Schedule as College Professor $55,882/yr Salary
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 9am-12pm/1-4pm/5-7pm
-Tuesday and Thursday - 10am-12pm/1-4pm/5-8pm
-Saturday and Sunday - Off

Drink: Blood or Red wine
Food: B- blood
Flower: Rose
Song: Beethoven's 5th
Tv show: Lost
Movie: The Addams Family and Gone with the Wind
Anime: Death Note
Book: Dracula
Game: Clue
Color: White


-Losing :bulletgreen:Fujiko
-:bulletgreen:Asumi mad at her
-losing control again due to blood lust or too much vampire blood
-having a nervous breakdown whenever it matters most
-being killed by :bulletred:Dracula/:bulletred:Cassandra

-Classical Music
-Writing (but not publishing)
-Knows: English, French, Japanese, Spanish, German, Russian, and Sign Language.

:bulletgreen: Asumi (Human mostly, Part Lust Succubus)
-27 as of 2015
-Part Lust Succubus
-Manga artist, struggling massively
-Adoptive cousin to :bulletgreen:Fujiko, has to take care of her
-Dating :bulletblue:Stephen
-Works at Cosplay Cafe
-College Student
-Has a nsfw tumblr Asumicosplaycafe
-Has a Twitter account asumi_juichi
Asumi Juichi the Bookworm by ninjew42
-Class Schedule
-History with :bulletgreen:Helena - Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-12pm
-Drawing 101/Story boarding - Tuesday/Thursday 6pm-11pm
-Martial Arts/Self-Defense class - Saturday 10am-2pm

-Work Schedule at Cosplay Cafe Earns $5.65/hr plus tips
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 3pm-10pm
-Tuesday and Thursday - 9am-4pm
-Saturday and Sunday - Off

-Work as Manga Artist in spare time Earns $57/week in royalties
-The One Time Prince Volumes 1-4 (ongoing) Volume 5 and 6 (In Progress)
-No One Understands Me Volumes 1-3 (ongoing) Volume 4 (In Progress)
-The Last Scream Volume 1 (In Progress)

Drink: Pepsi
Food: Cake
Flower: Cherry Blossoms (they remind her of home)
Song: Old Time Rock and Roll when she's home alone and Don't Say Lazy since discovering K-on!
Tv show: Lately has been Game of Thrones but still comes back to Babylon 5
Movie: The Little Mermaid
Anime: Trigun and Slayers
Book: Fahrenheit 451
Manga: Hellsing
Game: Final Fantasy 14 and Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Golden
Color: tied Green and Pink

-various types of pollen.

-Most men
-Being alone with a lot of men
-Losing :bulletgreen:Fujiko
-Slow internet
-Artist block
-That time that exists between new episodes.

-Knows: Japanese, English

:bulletgreen: Fujiko (Bakeneko, Cat-Demon)
-31 years old
-Works at Cosplay Cafe
-Short Attention Span
-Taken care of by :bulletgreen:Asumi her adoptive cousin
-Mind of a kid due to childhood trauma
Fujiko Kamigawa - Catgirl v2 by ninjew42
-Work Schedule at Cosplay Cafe Earns $5.65/hr plus tips
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 3pm-10pm
-Tuesday and Thursday - Off
-Saturday and Sunday - 9am-4pm

Drink: Milk
Food: Fish
Flower: Lillies because she can't have them.
Song: Whatever is playing, she doesn't listen to the words
Tv show: Watches anything, doesn't pay attention to care more than pretty colors
Movie: See TV show
Anime: See Tv show
Book: She doesn't read
Game: Tag
Color: All of them


-pretty colors
-Knows: English, Spanish, Japanese, various languages but only the words Free, Cat, and Food

Additional Characters
:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Helena -
:bulletblue::bulletgreen: Anleta (Djinn, former Human)
-300 years old
-Used to be a Human and was made into a Djinn by a misused wish
-A Trainee when it comes to Djinn
-Abandoned her Master :bulletblue:Husna for being annoying
-Tricks every single person with every single wish
Anleta the Djinn by ninjew42

:bulletblue: Bethany (Vampire, former Human)
-Body of 12 year old (Age of death)
-Turned by :bulletgreen:Helena
-Physical Reincarnation of :bulletgreen:Helena (minus the hair)
Bethany Rhodes by ninjew42

:bulletblue: April Rose (Vampire, former Human)
- (age of Death)
-Turned by :bulletgreen:Helena
-From England
-Has taken a liking to :bulletgreen:Helena and endures abuse from her.
-Has taken a liking to Punk Rock in recent years.
-Used to work as a hotel receptionist before meeting :bulletgreen:Helena
-Works as Hostess at Cosplay Cafe

-Work Schedule at Cosplay Cafe Earns $8/hr
-Monday - Friday - 1pm-10pm
-Saturday and Sunday - Off

:bulletred: Dracula (Vampire, Demon)
-Pure Blood Vampire
-Turned :bulletred:Cassandra
-Friends with the Vampire Bram Stoker before his death
-Currently in hiding/missing
-Convinced :bulletgreen:Helena to murder her own family then sent :bulletred:Cassandra to kill her

:bulletred: Cassandra (Vampire, former Human)
-Turned by :bulletred:Dracula
-Turned :bulletgreen:Helena
-Attempted to kill :bulletgreen:Helena
-Currently in hiding/missing

:bulletblue::bulletgreen: Ulrika (Dragon, Omnibus, OC of Seppuku in UF)
-Omnibus, Demon, has Penis and Vagina
-Has a pet Bakeneko :bulletblue:Lilly
-Is around 450-650 years old
-Dragon Class
-Has met :bulletgreen:Helena and wants to make :bulletgreen:Helena hers

:bulletblue: Beatrice (Omnibus, OC of PocketsizedOni in UF)
-Omnibus, Demon, has Penis and Vagina

:bulletred: Clone of Helena (Vampire, former Human)
-See :bulletgreen:Helena

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Asumi -
:bulletblue: Stephen (Human)
-Dating :bulletgreen:Asumi
-Cheats regularly
-Lies regularly

:bulletpink: Aiyoku
-Great Great Grandmother to :bulletgreen:Asumi
-Lust Succubus

:bulletpink: Asami
-Mother to :bulletgreen:Asumi
-Part Lust Succubus
-Part Human

:bulletblue: Koichi Syuma (Low Level Demon, OC of sikobi-oturoxurimeemiru for UF)
-Demon/Low level
-rookie in the areas of love and sex
-can't hold down a relationship
-looks feminine in Human form/ugly in Demon form
-Boss of :bulletblue:April, :bulletgreen:Fujiko, and :bulletgreen:Asumi
-Has the hots for :bulletgreen:Asumi

Work Schedule at Cosplay Cafe as Manager $38,760/yr Salary
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 3pm-11:30pm
-Tuesday and Thursday - 8am-4:30pm
-Saturday and Sunday - Off

:bulletblue: Unnamed Cosplay Cafe co-workers

:bulletblue: Unnamed Classmates

:bulletblack::bulletgreen: Fujiko -

:bulletblue: Koichi Syuma (Low Level Demon, OC of sikobi-oturoxurimeemiru for UF)
-Demon/Low level
-rookie in the areas of love and sex
-can't hold down a relationship
-looks feminine in Human form/ugly in Demon form
-Boss of :bulletblue:April, :bulletgreen:Fujiko, and :bulletgreen:Asumi
-Has the hots for :bulletgreen:Asumi

Work Schedule at Cosplay Cafe as Manager $38,760/yr Salary
-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 3pm-11:30pm
-Tuesday and Thursday - 8am-4:30pm
-Saturday and Sunday - Off

:bulletblue: Unnamed Cosplay Cafe co-workers

:bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletgreen: Anleta -
:bulletblue: Badi
-2800 years old
-Is a Novice in the Djinn community
-Able to grant tons of different kinds of wishes

:bulletblue: Husna
-11,567 years old
-Is a Master in the Djinn community
-Able to grant tons of different kinds of wishes

:bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletgreen: Ulrika
:bulletblue: Lilly (Bakeneko, Cat-Demon, OC of Seppuku in UF)
-15 years old
-Owned by :bulletblue:Ulrika

Unusual Friends Expanded

:bulletgreen: Katrina
-Physically 27 years old/Mentally 743 years old
-Vampire PureBlood
K Lessard by Slugbox

:bulletgreen: Hisako
-26 years old
-Shrine Priestess
-Spiritual Powers
Hisako by Slugbox

:bulletred: Susanne
-19 years old
-College Student
-Magic Powers
Susanne Olsen by Slugbox

:bulletgreen: Traci Green
- years old
-College Student
-Augmented Human
-Able to control Fire
-Hair gets longer when using powers
Traci Green by Slugbox

:bulletred: Roslyn/Rehmarta
-Physically 20 something, Mentally 2045 years old
-Wrath and Pride mixture
-Wrath gives her fire abilities
-Pride gives her control but only works half the time
Appearance: (Human form)
Roslyn Wolf 1 by Slugbox

:bulletgreen: Jordan/Justine
-23 years old
-Augmented Human
-Able to control Metal via touch
-When activating abilities ends up turning into a woman.
Appearance: (female form)
Justine Kirkland by Slugbox

:bulletred: Carol
-36 years old
-Died in the 70s
Carol Cunningham by Slugbox

:bulletred: Sheri
-19 years old
-Augmented Human
-Twin Sister to :bulletred:Wendi
-Water powers
Appearance: (the one with blue hair)
Wendi and Sheri Hines by Slugbox

:bulletred: Wendi
-19 years old
-Augmented Human
-Twin Sister to :bulletred:Sheri
-Wind powers
Appearance: (the one with pink hair)
Wendi and Sheri Hines by Slugbox

:bulletred: Dianna
Died age 24
-Augmented Human
-Able to emit sonic waves from mouth

:bulletgreen: Richard
-21 years old
-Half Demon
-Half Human
-Pride Demon, can control demons half way
-Half brother to :bulletred:Roslyn/Rehmarta

:bulletpink:Roslyn's Father Unnamed
-Physically 60/Mentally 60,530 years old
-Pride Demon
-Has control over all other Demons
-Father of :bulletgreen:Richard and :bulletred:Roslyn/Rehmarta

Dungeons and Dragons Story

:bulletgreen: Sam (Human, Ranger)
-Lost his family to Orcs
-Was hunting when it happened

:bulletgreen: Eldon (Gnome, Bard)
-Runs Scams

:bulletgreen: Sariel (Elf, Wizard)
-Ran away from home
-Parents wanted her to be a historian
-from North of the Time Barrier

:bulletgreen: Miriel (Elven Nymph, Soul Knife)
-Raised by Dragonborn/worships them
-Has a ring of the phoenix
-was tortured, eaten, sexually assaulted, and other various horrible things because of Dragonborn
-was freed as a new form of torture
-automatically obeys all Dragonborn, and Dragons with Dragons being first

:bulletgreen: Aleia (Half-Elf, Ranger/Rogue)
-Older sister of :bulletred:Alna
-Lost sister to Goblins
-has a hard time getting close to anyone
-sees Miriel as a younger sister

:bulletgreen: Larissa (Tiefling, Swashbuckler)
-Ran away from home
-Is a Captain of her own ship
-Loves :bulletgreen:Aleia
-Princess of the Tieflings

:bulletblue: Larissa's Pirate Crew (Swashbucklers, Rogues, Fighters)
-Made up of Half-Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Humans
-Robs people at random

:bulletblue: Karana (Human, Fighter)
-Works for Kriv (most of the time)

:bulletred: Kriv (Dragonborn, Warlord/Fighter)
-Warlord for Dragonborn
-Wants to wipe Humans, Elves and Half-Elves off the map
-Has army of Orcs and Dragonborn

:bulletred: Letius (Elf, Wizard Necromancer)
-Raised :bulletred:Alna from the dead
-Influencing local conflicts

:bulletred: The Warden (Human, Barbarian)
-Warden for a Half-Elf prison in the desert

:bulletred: Alna (Half-Elf, Ranger/Fighter)
-Killed by Goblins
-Little sister to :bulletgreen:Aleia

Unnamed Starship Crew

:bulletgreen: SARA
-Ship Computer
-Combative to most of the crew
-Only listens to :bulletgreen:Captain Will and :bulletgreen:Navigator Kris

:bulletgreen: William Campbell
-Short Brown Hair, Green eyes, 5'9", 183lbs
-Stern and tries to be diplomatic
-Also Helmsman, Security/Weapons officer
-Quarters on D deck
-Has an office

:bulletgreen: Kris Kanue
-Long Blond hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, 5'6" 137lbs
-Kind and curious
-Also Scientist, Engineer, 2nd officer
-Quarters on C deck

:bulletgreen: Jon Taylor
-Chief Engineer
-Short Black hair, Black eyes, 6'3", 210lbs
-Angry and Loner
-Also Transporter Op, Security
-Quarters on D deck

:bulletgreen: Nara O'lar
-Security/Weapons Chief
-Long Red Hair, Green eyes, 5'7", 131lbs
-Impersonal, focused on tasks
-Also Field Medic, 1st officer
-Quarters on C deck

:bulletgreen: Liran Keela
-Doctor and Counselor
-Blue hair long, dog ears, Black eyes, 5'10", 123lbs
-Excitable, enjoys all medical/scientific things
-Also Science, Ops, Communications
-Quarters on C deck

:bulletgreen: Crina Noran
-Science Officer
-Brown hair short, cat ears/tail, yellow eyes, 5'3", 110lbs
-Calm and Enjoys company only when bored
-Also Medical, Engineer
-Quarters on C deck

:bulletgreen: Tim Triton
-Additional Crew
-Brown hair, Blue eyes, 5'9", 177lbs
-Quick to anger, handy in most situations
-Also Security, Engineer, Helmsman, Transporter
-Quarters on D deck

Status Quo
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The Manga Section

The Anime Section

Power Rangers: Elementals
The Team

The Bad Guys

Super Powers Universe

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